Broadcast Software Support

  • Dalet 5.1e/DaletPlus support
  • Workflow optimization
  • Audio Card validation
  • Sybase Database maintenance

Troubleshooting & Maintentance

  • Maintenance Plans
  • Software & Hardware installation
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Remote interventions

Cressance Media offers business-to-business software support for mid-size software companies. Are you looking to establish a hotline presence in Europe? Do you need to establish a primary or secondary hotline number for your customers. Cressance may be able to help.

Cressance support staff can act as the first line of support for your customer's needs. We maintain a dedicated phone line for your product or products. We our familiar with many types of consumer software products or dedicated business software.

The way it works:

A software manufacturer needs to have phone, e-mail, or chat support for their product. This company contacts Cressance. We learn-either from training from you or from self-training by us-the ins and outs of your software. We will focus on learning the kinds of problems your customer might face. After understanding potential difficulties, we will be ready to respond to your customers and offer solutions. These solutions might include, for example.

  • helping them to properly configure the products they use.
  • helping them to understand how to maintain their system (backups, scheduled maintenance).
  • advice on other software that may be useful to them (anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.).
  • when necessary, we will help customers find workarounds to almost any kind of problem they have.

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