Advice, Integration & Individual Training for Home Entertainment systems

Home entertainment systems, with the merging of television, audio and computers, are becoming more and more complex. With increasingly advanced and nearly professional systems now found in the home, the choices and problems encountered when configuring these systems require a lot of insight and technical knowledge.


What is DLP, LCD, HDMI, NEO, DTS, Dolby, THX, YUV, DVI, XLR...?

As computer and audio specialists, we understand that sometimes it's just too much to grasp unusual technical terms and constantly changing technology. Confusing manuals don't provide much help either for someone setting up their Home Cinema, Audio, or Computer system.

How do I connect this wire with that wire? Where do I plug in that piece? How can I make the sound better? Why is the image so fuzzy?

If you have doubts, ask Cressance! We can help you with advice, setup, troubleshooting, training, anything you need to get your system up and running quickly!









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