IT Management For Small Businesses

Cressance goal is to make high quality software support, training, and documentation available for other businesses, especially for companies who do not yet have or do not want an in-house IT services department.

Our type of client is a business that may not have the resources for some services, but who still need an extremely high quality service (either available internally for their employees or externally for their customers). At Cressance, we believe in thoroughly organizing our approach to computer systems. We believe in having a rapid response and making sure that the maximum amount (and correct) information is easily available to all who need it.

Although we consult on many types of projects, our main orientation is toward helping two types of clients.

  • International companies who are looking for a local partner to help their service department. We can do your local IT work and act as an interface with your IT department abroad. (French, English, German, Dutch...)
  • Any small business that needs to integrate computers effectively into their work environment, to make computers work for them. For this type of customer, we can help set up, for example, a backup system that is regularly maintained, to ensure that crucial data is never lost.


IT Consulting For Individuals

Computer Help

Do you have a computer problem? Looking for computer help in English? We can help you! Cressance offers a variety of troubleshooting/installation & configuration services.

For laptops, you can drop them off at our office.
For full-sized PCs, you can request on-site support for Paris addresses.
We can even provide remote support as long as your ADSL internet connection is still working.

Look at our support page for more information or contact us (free consultation).

Click on this icon if you have skype to chat with us (if we are online): My status


Home Entertainement

Planning to buy new audio, video or computer equipment but would like to have an independant opinion first? Have a fancy new system but don't know where all the wires go? We can help here too! Check our Home Entertainment page for more information.




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