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  Computer Support Services   Our field of expertise  
  Cressance offers technical support services for a single computer or a network of computers. We mainly focus on small companies, but we can also help solve your personal computer problems. Contact us if you think we can help you with your computer-related issues.  

» Installation or reinstallation of your Operating System (NT/Windows 2000/ Windows XP).
» Configuration and optimization of your computer system.
» Installation of your ADSL connection, (WiFi) router, network cards etc.
» Installation & Configuration of VOIP solutions.
Remote connections: Installation of your Virtual Office with VPN.
» Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver, Lotus Notes, Pinacle Studio
» Sybase ASE, MS-SQL, Arcserve, Norton, Kaspersky, VNC, PC-anywhere
» Digital audio software

  Troubleshooting   Remote Support  
  Computer not running smoothly anymore? Something not working? Problem with a virus or other network attack? Cressance can help you.  

If you are in the Paris area, we can offer on-site support. In many other cases, it can be handled with a remote intervention. This means that, with the help of a small tool we will give you, we can actually see what is on your computer screen.

  Maintenance Contracts   Our Rates  
  Computer support services can be handled as a one-time incident, but for those seeking the reassurance of a constantly maintained computer system, we offer a long-term support contract. The long-term maintenance includes, as a minimum, backups of critical data, virus updates & removal and optimization checks. A maintenance contract will give you a regular checkup of your system so that is doesn't fail when you need it most.  


Individual Computer help =60€/h (TTC)

Business-to-Business =please contact us

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