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Cressance Training

Cressance Media offers a variety of training courses, primarily for broadcast-oriented industries. We offer standard packages for training, with an emphasis on radio-automation systems. These training sessions are for all types of broadcast professionals.

  • Windows XP/2000
  • Training for Audio Professionals
  • Network Administration For Small Organizations

Cressance has developed its training curriculum and facilities to suit all kinds of people. Our goal with our training sessions and seminars is to help clients function more efficiently with their broadcast operating systems. Evaluations, training books and CD's, and an experienced staff ensure that you have the means to use your system to the best of your ability.

Broadcast Professionals

  • for seasoned broadcast journalist, on-air, and production staff in the process of transitioning from the "analog world" to the "digital world."
  • for experienced audio engineers wanting to understand the complexities and hidden functions of broadcast software systems.
  • for new employees just starting out in their field, with little or no experience, in either computer or in broadcast industries.

Part of the philosophy of a Cressance training is to make sure that each training is customized to fit the needs of the individuals attendees. This means making sure that individuals with similar backgrounds are placed in the same course. We believe that trainees want courses where they can meet others with similar concerns and we believe that the best way to serve their needs is to provide information that is useful to them. By customizing our courses and properly matching trainees, we make sure both that nobody gets left behind and that no one gets bored.

The Computer Trainee In The Broadcast Field: Three Basic Profiles 

End-Users and Beginning End-Users

An typical end user is the main user for which broadcast systems are there for. The software system is usually designed with this individual in mind. Features and functions are designed for journalists, on-air staff, scheduling staff, and virtually any role available in a media company. However, end users are not expected to understand how to install, maintain, re-configure the systems they use. When they encounter a problem, they usually contact a Super User or their System Administrator.  

The End-User Training Course - Initial start-up, newcomers, and freelance staff pose a challenge to broadcast companies. Staff need to learn quickly the basics of their system so that they can become operational in as little time as possible. Cressance sponsors End User seminars to get staff up and running in a matter of a week.

Advanced Users or Super Users

A Super User needs to know everything a typical End User and to understand how to translate the End User terminology into a language technical people can understand. As well informed advanced users, they can help a site to function more smoothly on a daily basis. For example, when staff have questions, the power user can typically answer these questions.

For smooth functioning of a software system, Super Users are a vital communication key, ensuring that technical problems and solutions are understood by everybody in an organization. At least as far as computers and technology are concerned, these individuals often take leadership roles, acting as a bridge between the typical end-user and the System Administrator. A Super User should first be a well-trained End User. After mastering this, he or she is ready to get training that will help him or her both help other End Users and communicate their needs to the System Administrators.

The Super User Training Course - Training and supporting staff who work with the broadcast software systems are often a part of their responsibilities. Cressance has numerous training modules that help the Super User understand the "backstage" point of view, so that they have a strong knowledge about how the systems are configured and installed.

System Administrators

System Administrators manage the back-end of the product. They often maintain the storage of media (sounds, video, images, etc) as well as databases that reference all this media. They need to have in-depth understanding of Windows as well as a strong knowledge of how media files work (such as understanding how certain audio formats may not be compatible).

The Administrator Training Course - Cressances offers a five-day seminars for System Adminstrators designed for those individuals who have a working knowledge of the network environment and the software system. We help administrators make sure that their company gets the most out of their software system.

Subjects for system administrators include:

  • day-to-day maintenance for optimal performance
  • performing rapid and reliable system backups
  • on-site trouble shooting
  • how to upgrade and properly patch systems

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